#84 – Thriving and Excelling in School

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29 March 2022

It sounds overwhelming to expect our children to thrive and excel in schools right now. Even though the world seems to be getting back to some normalcy, our children are still reeling from the aftermath of two years of uncertainty, hybrid classrooms, and the mental toll it has taken on them.

But parents have the opportunity to help them navigate these challenging times. In a recent article published in Authority Magazine, Punam shared her strategies to help parents guide their children in a kind, compassionate, and empathetic way.

After listening to the episode, check out the full article here.

Time Stamps
1:00 – Thrive and Excel
2:05 – Children need to know your expectations
3:44 – Speak with your child
5:44 – Communicate and build relationships
8:20 – Do vs. Does
8:34 – Support your child in public
10:55 – Safe fails

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