#81 – Books, Music, and Controversy

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1 February 2022

Trigger episode. The temperature is rising, again. The discussion of banning books is back in the spotlight and it seems the conversation is hitting its peak.

This episode discusses the negative impact of banning books on our children’s understanding of the world, the empathy they need to have to create relationships, and the importance of parent engagement and teaching their children about challenging issues.

My strong belief is that children learn about these sensitive topics early and the more we educate them from reputable sources, e.g, books, teachers, parents, the better equipped they are to manage their understanding of them.

As far as music goes, think about the Beatles, Madonna, or Rick James and the language used in their songs. What do we do when if we think they are controversial? We change the station or, better yet, turn the radio off.

We need to do the same for books.

This is an emotional episode that will trigger some to feel uncomfortable. But, listen to the whole episode to gain a new perspective. It will be the start of a conversation that we desperately need!

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