#66 – Creating Teacher/Student/Parent Partnerships

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13 April 2021

We are rounding the corner on the most unusual school year in our lifetime. It’s been a yo-yo as to whether our children are in school full-time/part-time/or virtual. Yet, the one thing we know well is that we, the parent, need to partner with our teachers and administrators more than ever.

Kerry Graham, a high school English teacher, joins us this week to share how she encourages her students to become as independent as they can be along with providing strategies for parents to share the responsibility of their child’s education.

Her practical advice, the challenges she sees her lovelies (students) face, and her desire to create productive citizens will inspire you!

Kerry Graham lives, teaches, writes, and kayaks in Baltimore, MD, USA. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University School of Education, Kerry prioritizes laughter, compassion, and self-expression in her English classroom. She’s grateful for and humbled by her ten years as a public school teacher. You can reach her on FB, IG, and Twitter @mskerrygraham.

Time Stamps:
1:05 – Intro
5:49 – Talking Shop
7:01 – Effective student time management for classroom success
9:47 – Window of opportunity and life skills
14:50 – A safe place to fail
15:35 – Human life skills
16:39 – Best intentions between schools and home
20:12 – Communication is key
24:24 – Gradual release of responsibility
26:05 – Alleviate student stress
29:36 – Creating support at home
33:13 – Words of wisdom
34:36 – Punam’s story
37:40 – Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond available on Amazon now!
39:04 – Closing

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