#68 – Book Launch, Baby!

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4 May 2021

I’m so excited to share that my first book is releasing TODAY!! Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond is a journey through parenthood of my experiences, lessons, and challenges of raising 4 children.

As an educator and parent, I learned many strategies along the way and this book allows you to take our daily activities, gain some perspective, and, hopefully, understand that our parenting challenges are all normal.

This week, we have 2 guests to share how their suggestions, ideas, and support helped this book come to fruition.

Dr. Daryl Ward, my friend, and children’s high school principal joins us to discuss how he guided me and even experienced several of the events I relay. And how the book may be beneficial to parents. He also has written the afterword for the book which culminated in the book and our work together. Contact him for your writing needs at www.theleadingpoints.com

Aparna Verma, my sister-in-law (actually more a sister), is a commercial artist and designed the book cover in Parent Power. She brought her creativity, inspiration, and vision to light (literally) by the lightbulb image and the filaments depicting double ‘P’s’ for Parent Power. She shares how she came to this image and what the color combinations chosen mean. To contact her for your creative needs, email her at designreach@gmail.com.

The book is available now on Amazon at Parent Power and retail bookstores nationwide!

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