#70 – A Healthier Summer for All

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18 May 2021

The first 2 minutes of this episode is me trying to connect with my guest, Elyse Wagner. Join the fun as I try to navigate technology!

But our episode is actually about summertime and food. The children are home. The 24-hour diner at your house is open. They want to eat food that is easy to grab without a lot of fuss.

And you want them to eat healthy food…at least some of the time.

Elyse Wagner, Chief Wellness Officer at Functional Medicine Coaching Academy Inc. and Founder, Certified Nutritionist & Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Elyse Wagner join us this week to discuss how to offer healthy options to our children (and ourselves) while also satisfying our craving for the ‘unhealthy’ foods.

Her approach of ‘no judgment’ and honoring yourself is exactly the one many of us need. In this episode, she shares her philosophy of normalizing eating, enjoying the moment, and ensuring that we have a healthy relationship with food and our family.

There is so much to learn from Elyse…be sure to check her out at www.elysewagner.com

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