#77 – Let’s Love Math

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7 September 2021

Is loving math an oxymoron for you? It is for so many of us, including, at times, me. But Allison Dillard and Nicole Thompson are in the studio this week to discuss how math is not only a skill but a mindset for how we teach our children about life.

In their new journal, the Love Math Journal, they share practical affirmations, prompts, and affirmations to help create a strong growth mindset in our children. It is a guide to help parents and teachers navigate the challenges children face daily while also developing a love of math. You won’t want to miss this important episode.

Check out Allison at www.allisonlovesmath.com, and Nicole at

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Introductions
6:00 – Math is a skill
9:00 – Teaching math without actually teaching math (contextual learning)
12:00 – The importance of socio-emotional and growth mindset
15:40 – Teaching children how to learn life skills
23:35 – Why 4-8 graders need a positive experience with math
30:55 – Love Math Journal’s purpose
36:15 – Buy the book!

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