#78 – What is Critical Race Theory?

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21 September 2021

CRT has been a hot-button topic the past year, especially since the death of George Floyd. But what is it? Why is so controversial?

In my research, I learned that CRT is a legal term that studies the implementation of systems related to race and how we adjust and adapt to them. Unfortunately, it has morphed into a political battleground for the division of racism.

This episode is a humble attempt to help parents understand CRT, the argument for both sides, and what we can do to educate ourselves and our children.

Tyler Campbell, an English teacher at Lakeland High School in Lakeland, Florida, joins me this week to discuss his thoughts on CRT, what he is seeing in the classroom, and how he addresses controversial issues with his students. His wisdom, thoughtful insights are powerful for each of us to learn and reflect upon.

Here are some links to the articles I have read and gathered information. This is NOT a comprehensive list, so I encourage you to do your own!


Time Stamps:

1:29 – Definition of CRT (criticalrace.org)
3:24 – US News & World Report article for CRT
5:19 – NY Post article against CRT
12:31 – How does CRT affect schools?
13:54 – Many teachers already using this method but not using this term
16:12 – What can we do?
20:13 – What advice do you have for parents?
24:28 – Argument for the other side
27:42 – Reading a variety of books creates empathy
34:59 – Equity v. Equality

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