#74 – Celebrating Pride Month

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15 June 2021

In October 2019, my son, India, shared this…’Mom and Dad, I’m gay.’ So many emotions of happiness, relief, and thankfulness. On some level, my husband and I always knew but to hear him say it, be ok with it, and deciding to live his life true to himself was an epiphany not only for himself but for us as well.

This episode is our conversation in June 2020 where he shared how he felt growing up, the peer pressure he faced, and how he rose about it all. I also share my thoughts and journey as his mother and the emotions I felt as he finally decided to live his honest and authentic life.

I am incredibly proud of this young man.

I hope you will listen to this episode, share it with your friends, and let’s begin the dialogue of real compassion, learning to listen and understand, and finding empathy to embrace everyone.

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