#14 – 10 Tips for Parents Teaching Their Kids During the Corona Crisis

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March 31, 2020

Punam V. Saxena/Dr. Shelly Gruenig

We interrupted our regularly planned episode, Breathe! The Holidays are Coming, to bring you 10 Tips. Dr. Shelly Gruenig, Ph.D., joins us today as we discuss ways to help you find calm and comfort in these crazy times. She has home-schooled her three children, created an award-winning robotics team in New Mexico, hosts the podcast STEM Southwest, and has a business, Life-Launch.Be Better than Average which prepares students and parents to leave the nest and Launch their Lives.

You’ll laugh your way through this episode as Shelly overcomes a hail storm and I have kids making lunch in the background during our recording. Things you can’t make up, right!?

Welcome to social distancing and having our lives turned upside down!

Check out Shelly’s work here:

podcast, STEM Southwest


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