#9- My Kid is Starting High School, Help! 2/2

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February 4, 2020

Lesley V. Chambers is back to share her insight on what we need to know about grades 10-12. There is so much to understand and figure out in these crucial years as our children plan their post-secondary paths. High school is an overwhelming time for students and parents alike.

Let Lesley take some of the mystique out and give you some concrete ideas that can make your job a bit easier. She breaks down what we need to know for each grade level including plans for technical college, military and college paths.

As busy as our children are during this time between their classes and planning for post-graduation, it’s easy to get behind. Lesley will give you a schedule and keep you on track for a seamless transition.

As a mother of four, Lesley alleviated much of my anxiety during these years. She can help you, too!

Have an incoming 9th grader? Check out episode #8.

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