#10- Coming to America

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February 18, 2020

This is a very special episode for us. It’s not only our 10th episode but our guests are my parents. Having emigrated from India in the ’60s, there was a large learning curve for them to overcome. The education system is vastly different in India than America. They learned that our teachers here were overwhelmed with limited resources. And they had not yet met an Indian family from India. Many thought we were Native Americans. I know, right? Hard to imagine this today. There were also some differences in the teacher/student/parent relationship that they learned as we were growing up.

My parents have persevered and successfully raised my brother and I. Their journey is, obviously, a personal one. But they also share their pearls of wisdom that can help everyone but especially immigrants. I urge you to hear their story. You will understand, through the lens of their life, what many immigrants face when they are learning a new country, culture and system.

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