#20 – Celebrating Moms, Our First Teachers, 2/3

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May 19, 2020

We are so fortunate to have our guests for this podcast. Each guest has a special place in my heart and even more so when you hear their stories about their Moms.

  • 1:52 – Carolyn Cohen, friend and fellow podcaster for Wellness While Walking, shares her story about her mom and her teacher. Both ladies brought a love of life, by example, to Carolyn’s life.

  • 7:20 – Jyotsna, Laxmi, and Aparna are my sisters and sister-in-law respectively who live in India. They share their story about a person we all called Mummy. She was a role model for us all for her almost 92 years of life. We lost her in December 2019 but her memory will live with us forever.

  • 21:04 – Brahm Verma is my dad. He shares the touching, admirable story of his Mother, my Dadi who raised 10 children, 7 of them boys. She was an inspiring person in our family and we all benefited from her simple, kind, loving ways. Although she passed before I was born, it warmed my heart to hear about her.

  • 28:48 – Anu Saxena is our last guest for this episode. The last name probably gives it away, but my husband joined in this week to share a fun, lively lesson his Mom taught him during his senior year in high school. Even thought it is humorous, it also taught him, and then us when we married, about parenting.

This episode warmed my heart. I know it will do the same for you.

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