#96 – Reward and Punishment

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1 November 2022

It is inevitable that our children will behave in a way that either needs to be rewarded or corrected. That’s just the nature of growing and learning. But how we react and handle it is entirely in our control.

In this edu-sode we discuss how to reward your child for good behavior, their hard work, or just because that encourages creating memories without a lot of expense. That’s right, little money involved.

I have never been a proponent of attaching a monetary value to expected behaviors, and I’m extremely frugal, so my suggestions will reflect this mindset.

Punishment is a more complex situation. Depending on the severity of the behavior, it may require various degrees of intervention. It can be as simple as a stern talking to taking away privileges. I’m not a fan of taking their phones away because that’s the only way I can contact them in the event of an emergency.

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