#83 – Improving the US Education System

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1 March 2022

We all have an opinion on what we would like to change in our education system. Things that would simplify the process and increase student productivity and success. This episode focuses on Punam’s strategies for improving the US education system. Excerpted from a recent article in Authority Magazine, she breaks out five (5) important areas that, if implemented, could change the trajectory of the education our children receive.

Time Stamps
1:32 – Overview of the US Education system
2:15 – What are we doing well?
2:26 – Our heroes
3:43  – Data
4:29 – Flexibility
5:09 – Technology (thank goodness!)
5:49 – Cultural needs
7:10 – Prioritizing where we are right now
9:10 – Changing of the tide
10:14 – Breaking point
11:29 – Children need a team
12:45 – Value our teachers (yes!!)
15:40 – Decision-makers
16:38 – Student-focused
17:46 – Business involvement
19:08 – Financial Support

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