#89 – Children Deserve Better

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31 May 2022

My heart is heavy with sadness and anger this week. I cannot get these mass shootings out of my mind. It’s been all-consuming and inconceivable that we are unwilling to have a conversation to find a way to save people.

I’m all for your 2nd Amendment Rights. I’m not ok with these assault rifles being used to kill anyone, especially those elderly grocery shopping, Asian Americans worshipping, and young children, babies, in school. People engaging in their everyday activities. Shouldn’t they feel safe doing so??

When does it stop? Why does it keep happening?

This short episode is sharing how I feel about these incidents and that we all have a responsibility to make better choices to protect ourselves. It’s raw and emotional.

Click here for the transcript. https://otter.ai/u/Fey3J96oiemshyPGHGbcFhhq3OI

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