#88 -Teacher Retention is Everyone’s Responsibility

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17 May 2022

Let’s face it. Teachers are the most underappreciated group of professionals in our country. They are continuously scrutinized, overworked, and bombarded from all sides. Yet, they are the most resilient, caring, and empathetic people who deeply care about the future of our society.

So, as the mass exodus of teachers is occurring nationwide, how do we keep them motivated and in their classrooms?

Florida 2017 Teacher of the Year, Jessica Solano, joins us in the studio to discuss the innovative, exciting ways Polk County, Florida is retaining their teachers through their Ambassador program, listening to their teachers’ needs, and how parents can also lend a hand in helping teachers.

Jessica was the very first guest on edu-Me back in October 2019. Since then, she has grown her Teacher Recruitment and Retention division into a model that is being sought after around the country.

Know of a school/district that could benefit from her expertise? Contact her here.

Also, check out my TEDx Talk, a parallel conversation from the parent’s point of view. Ciick here.

Time Stamps:

3:05 – Intro
5:20 – How teachers find value in their work
9:20 – Teacher Ambassador Program
18:55 – Teacher Input
20:25 – Consistency is a challenge
23:10 – Parent Responsibility

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