#85 – Indi’s Journey (Encore Episode)

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5 April 2022

In light of the recent anti-LGBTQ bills in states throughout the country, it seems only appropriate to have an encore presentation of Indi’s journey.

My son, India, was always quiet, shy, but highly accomplished. He is kind. He is compassionate. He is a hard worker. He is a good friend to all. He is gay. His attributes make him a productive member of society. His sexual orientation is only one part of who is personality. It does not, in any way, impact his professional goals or how he interacts with others.

These bills introduced throughout the US only create more division between people. I can understand that differences make people nervous. What I cannot understand is why someone would take their inhibitions and force them on those whom they don’t want to learn about.

As my kids tell me, “It sounds like a YOU problem”.

Our episode this week is Indi’s journey of his coming out. There is a lot of honesty and emotion in our conversation. If you’re looking for direction or an ear, you’ll want to talk with him!

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