#28 – Teach Your Children about Racial Discrimination

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July 14, 2020

We are throwing it back to just a few weeks ago when we discussed racial discrimination and how to help your child understand the disparities in our world.

Here is our description of this episode when first launched. Change the timeline and it’s still the same.
The world has changed. We are in a different state than we were just 10 days ago. Recently, the innocent lives of two black men were taken for no apparent reason.
This is not a 2020 issue. This has been an ongoing issue for hundreds of years. Many times in our nation’s history, we have had civil discourse due to the oppression of one sect of our population.
Today, we are seeing it again. What can we do? What are the changes needed to create not only harmony, but equality.
We can be the change. We just need to know how to start the conversation.
edu-Me discusses ways to help yourself and your children understand this new chapter of our history and begin the change we need for our nation.

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