#31 – Help! My Kid is Starting High School! 2/2

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August 4, 2020

Lesley Chambers, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions at Florida Southern College, shares her insight of what parents and students need to know in grades 10-12 to set students on the right path to pursue their post-secondary plans. Her expertise will be motivating to get this school year (whatever it looks like) off on the right foot where she answers all those burning questions you have. Also, remember, Punam is now offering personal parenting coaching sessions to help you navigate this unusual time as schools open back up (or whatever your district is doing). Let her help you! Link in bio. #beintheknow #educateyourself #parentpower #parentingishard #beanadvocate #parentsmagazine #familycirclemagazine #yourteenforparentsmagazine #thenaturalparentmagazine #potential_mag #edume #bridgingthegapbetweenparentsandschools #wttetb #workingtogethertoeducatthembetter

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