#34 – Picky Eaters and Nutrition

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August 25, 2020

Dr. Orlena Kerek, pediatrician and mother of four, joins us this week to discuss how to ensure the picky eater in your family is getting the nutrition they need without everyone having a meltdown. Her approach, tips, knowledge and insight will make sure family meals are enjoyable and memorable…the ultimate goal.
She gives practical, easy advice that we can all benefit from.

0:09 – Quick reminder to participate in the 2020 Census
2:02 – Introduction
3:54 – Journey to a healthy lifestyle
5:29 – How fiber affects constipation
6:44 – Presenting nutritious foods
8:49 – What Dr. Orlena made for dinner
10:45 – Greek salad
12:12 – Parents are in charge of balancing the menu
17:25 – Children learning to cook
20:08 – Introduce lentils/legumes for children
21:30 – Serve more veggies
24:48 – Meals for working families
26:45 – Black bean and beetroot burger
27:13 – Food pairing
28:09 – Advice for parents

Here is the Black bean and beetroot burger Dr. Orlena discusses in this episode.

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