#39 – Allison Loves Math

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September 29, 2020

You are either a math person or you’re not. I loved math and planned to minor in it until my college professor said that 2+2 did not equal 4. I immediately dropped the class and that was the end of that.
In our episode this week, Allison Dillard joins us in the studio. Allison is an Adjunct Professor in Math at Irvine Valley College, a mom of 3, and the author of the books, Crush Math Now and Raise Your Math Grade. Her parenting membership, Raise a Math Person, helps parents to set their kids up for long-term success in math, STEM, school and life.

She loves math and shares how we can teach our children to love it, too. Her practical approach to helping our children will not only make them excited about math, but you, too!

You can get Allison’s free parenting mini-course, 7 Secrets that Parents of Successful Math Students Know, at allisonlovesmath.com.

Here are the links to her books and the resources she discusses in the episode.


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