#45 – Can Connecting with Yourself/Intuition Help Your Children? (Yes!)

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November 3, 2020

Do you find yourself imposing (even subtly) your thoughts, visions, and stresses onto your children?
Let’s face it, we all do. We all want better for our children. For them not to face the challenges we had in our childhood. For them to take advantage of all opportunities presented to them.

I am so guilty of this! But what can we do to help our little ones?

When we look at younger children, we see their creativity and inhibitions. This is the intuition we are born with…and that we begin to lose around age 6-7 when they start school. See, intuition isn’t so scary!!

Victoria Shaw, Ph.D, host of the podcast Intuitive Connection, author of 4 books, and intuitive coach joins us this week to share how parents can help their children can stay true to their gut feelings (intuition) and develop their own identity in a safe, nurturing environment. Victoria is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Spiritual Coach who combines her background and training in psychology and counseling with her intuitive gifts to help clients heal, grow and realize their spiritual and full personal potential. She takes a holistic approach to counseling, addressing clients’ concerns on the mind/body/spiritual levels. She especially loves working with people who are committed to using their struggles and life experiences to fuel their own spiritual awakening.

Check Victoria out at:
Intuitive Connection podcast

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