#51 – Hearing Aids, Mom, and Stigma

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December 15, 2020

This is the last episode for 2020 and we wanted to end it on a high note. There are some good things that happened this year. I share, in this episode, the best thing that’s happened for my family.

If you know anyone with hearing loss, you understand how challenging it can be for them and everyone they are around. The simple, daily task of having a conversation, watching TV, or talking on the phone can be frustrating and affect self-esteem.

In this episode, my Mom and Dad join me to share my Mom’s 50-year journey of hearing loss, how it affected her teaching 2nd graders, and the never ending quest to find a solution.

While this may not be for everyone, this path did help my mother regain her hearing with the help of a device called a bone-anchored hearing aid. With the help of this device, she can now hear about 80% better than she is able to without it.

There are so many lessons in this episode, but here are my top 3:

1. Never give up. There may be a solution that you aren’t aware of.
2. Do not associate a physical deficiency to intellectual, social, or emotion deficiency.
3. Be sure to teach your children the first two!

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One Comment on “#51 – Hearing Aids, Mom, and Stigma”

  1. Nicely done podcast .
    Well narrated .
    Good learning case study for all of us .. of being vigilant , persuasiveness to find solution to physical disability .. to find better solutions .

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