#54 – Testing Season is Here! When to Take the ACT/SAT

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19 January 2020

Testing season seems to never end. The SAT/ACT are given more times a year than ever and it can be overwhelming to guide your children. As parents, we are trying to optimize our child’s ‘performance’ on the test so they can apply to colleges. It is an exhausting time for everyone in the family.

Creating a schedule, ensuring that your child is efficient with their time is critical for maintaining sanity, and doing well on the test.

There is help!

Amy Seeley from Seeley Test Pros and Mike Bergin from Chariot Learning join us in the studio this week to discuss:

  • When is the best time to take the ACT/SAT

  • When is the best time to prepare for these tests

  • What can we do to help our child attain their highest scores

  • What are resources we can ALL use to help our children



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