#55 – Strong Readers…Let’s Create Them!

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26 January 2020

We have extremely busy schedules and it’s hard to fit everything in. How many times do you think ‘We need to do that’, but it never happens?

Reading is an important part of our children’s education, but we also need to devote time to it. Children’s reading doesn’t just ‘happen’ overnight. We have to teach them, help them, and it requires lots of patience.

Catherine Praiswater, host of the podcast Your Positive Imprint, is philosophical but also sentimental. She was raised in a close-knit family with several siblings. Life was spent in the outdoors camping, hiking, backpacking, traveling, fishing and singing songs around the campfire. Often times she and her family were the only ones in the wilderness, except for the wildlife. Her parents told stories and taught the children about life from these stories. As a result, Catherine enjoys telling stories and writing about her experiences in a reflective manner. host of the podcast Your Positive Imprint, joins us this week to discuss how parents can create strong readers, even with busy lives. Her strategies can be implemented in fun ways, if we plan and schedule. By doing so, we can build confidence in our readers, and enjoy quality time with them, as well.

We can create strong readers with a few adjustments in our schedules. Listen to Catherine tell us how.

Some of the sources she cites in this episode:

Doug Fisher, Ph.D.

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