#56 – Do as I Say, Not as I Do (Did)!

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2 February 2020

Anyone else out there great at giving advice but not taking it? No? So, it’s just me. OK.

For so many years, I was told to take care of myself when my children were young. Take time to do some just for me. To step back and take a breath so I could enjoy the time with my children. But did I listen?? Nope. I thought I knew better.

Much later, when the children were teenagers, I finally started doing a few things for myself. I would make sure I did at least one thing just for myself every day.

Looking back, I should have listened sooner, so Do as I Say, Not as I Did. Take time for yourself. In this episode, I break down 4 areas where we need to be healthy to provide the best we can for our children.

Mental, physical, emotional, and social are the areas I feel are important for us to understand.

Each day this month, I will post a self-care tip for you to consider, and look forward to you sharing yours with me.

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