#57 – Family, Job, Podcasting, and Self-Care

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9 February 2020

Sounds like a crazy busy life to juggle with so many responsibilities. We all are super busy doing so many tasks, it begs the question, “How do we have time for anything for ourselves?”.

This week Tiffany Hwang joins us in the studio to discuss how she, the mother of14:14 two young children, holds a full-time job, and a podcast host (TITT Talks), manages to create time in her incredibly busy schedule for herself.

Her one piece of advice? Do something that works with everyone’s schedule! Listen to learn more.

Time Stamps:

  • 0:00 – Intro

  • 8:21 – Parent Guilt; how Tiffany prioritizes her time

  • 12:11 – Anger management meditation (is that a thing??)

  • 14:54 – How Asian American women are conditioned

  • 16:28 – Tiffany’s daughter in a dual immersion program at school

  • 19:56 – White board for scheduling purposes

  • 21:30 – Is getting groceries self-care?

  • 23:02 – Staying home and mental sanity

  • 25:17 – Sometimes you need more help than you can provide yourself

  • 27:14 – By taking care of ourselves, we are more patient with our children

  • 28:23 – Tiffany and I discuss who is more patient, our husbands or us

  • 30:38 – Tiffany Hwang contact info

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