#62 – Teaching Cultural Competence to our Children

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16 March 2020

As we continue our series on bullying, Berthine Crevecoeur West joins us this week to discuss how she has created a business of educating business and children about cultural competence. 
Berthine was born in the US but her family hails from Haiti. Her first language is French and she learned English when she started school. Not understanding she was ‘different’, her teacher asked her mother to only speak with her in English. She was treated differently, even in the Black community.

As Berthine grew up, she realized she did not want this to be her fate so she created Westbridge Solutions to change the paradigm of how we teach and work with those coming from different backgrounds. Her expertise, novel approach to teaching cultural competence has changed the way ethnic groups are approached. 

Berthine Crèvecoeur West believes the power of knowledge is transformational. She founded Westbridge Solutions on the core competencies of planning and organization, cultural awareness, and collaborative working. Clients of Westbridge would agree that being a catalyst in these competencies enabled their organizations to deliver outstanding service. Berthine received both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from St. John’s University in Jamaica, NY. Prior to becoming the CEO of Westbridge Solutions, LLC, Berthine worked in the corporate and healthcare sectors as a multilingual professional. Her passion for learning and sharing knowledge with others led to her role as a trainer and public speaker. Berthine Crèvecoeur West is a best-selling author, award-nominated podcast host of The Global Fluency Podcast and Founder of Global Fluency Magazine. She has been featured on CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as other domestic and international media. All of her projects continue her drive towards positive cultural change on a global scale.

Contact Berthine at https://www.westbridgesolutions.com

Time Stamps: 

1:10 – Intro
3:40 – Cultural Competence/Paradigm Shift
7:45 – Berthine is the ‘other’
9:19 – Discriminated against her own 
11:22 – Berthine becomes the first Nationally Certified Healthcare Interpreter in GA
14:15 – Pendulum of cultural competence moving slower than immigration rate
18:01 – Lead with logic and facts
23:23 – The impact of Ahmaud Arbrey 
28:00 – How do we help parents understand cultural competence
33:45 – Golden Rule

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