#63 – How are Phones Affecting Our Children?

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23 March 2020

Many of us did not grow up with social media yet it has overtaken our lives as well as our children’s. Between phones, iPads, computers, and video games, we have an addiction that many of us are victims of.

But what are these devices doing to our children’s behavior, social skills, and brain development? Larissa Mills joins us in the studio this week to share her research and startling findings.

Larissa, in her role as a teacher, parent, and coach, observed a dramatic increase in unwanted and even violent behaviour in children. She saw a possible link between this negative behaviour and the increase in children’s cell phone use. This inspired her to start a research proposal to investigate the link further. In her preliminary interviews with school administrators, teachers, and early childhood educators, there was a resounding consensus indicating a negative change in children’s behaviour since the introduction of handheld devices in the classroom and at home. Her focus quickly expanded to include how parents balance and monitor their children’s use of cell phones and devices. Today, this negative, violent behaviour is still occurring and becoming increasingly worse. Larissa fears that if parents don’t heed the medical guidelines, children will be unteachable in the classroom.

Time Stamps:
1:14 – Introduction
2:35 – The 21st Century addiction: Phones
6:25 – Did you know 60% of parents are bullying others
7:03 – Parents’ legal responsibility for their children’s phones
11:16 – Disruption in sleep cycle
12:21 – Single most challenge facing parents with social media
14:17 – Dr. John Hutton, Cleveland Clinic, says linguistic part of the brain not developing
16:41 – Scariest stat yet
19:22 – Nothing good happens after midnight
23:47 – 3 C’s of challenges professionals see in children
24:07 – Delays in development and affecting mental health
27:16 – Increase in admission of those with gaming addictions in addiction facilities
31:04 – 5 routines necessary to balance children’s days
34:52 – Closing/Words of wisdom

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