Choosing Positivity During COVID-19

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We are all in this strange place in our lives where we are social distancing, trying to get our work done, our home work done, and our children’s homework done. Geez! So much to accomplish right now.

These uncertain times have placed many of us in the situation where we are now teaching our children at home. The assignments may be given by your child’s teacher but you are likely having do some teaching as well to ensure they are grasping the concepts.

This is unchartered waters for most of us, right?!

We reached out to Dr. Shelly Gruenig, Ph.D., to share her top 10 tips to help us get through this time. As she has spent 20+ years of homeschooling and creating an award-winning robotics team, she brings a wealth of knowledge and advice for all of us! You’ll have to listen to the podcast to hear all of her sage advice.

Here, though, is some of mine. As a parent of older children who are now home from college, we are facing an unprecedented time. We had trips planned, birthdays to celebrate, and family to visit before they all came home for the summer. I’m sure you can relate. Your schedules have been turned upside down and flipped back over again and then twisted on its head.

But, here’s what I know right now.  I am learning to be more patient with myself and my children. This is not my strongest character trait. I’m not a patient person. I’ll admit that I like things done a certain way. My way, preferably. This jolt of reality has forced me to embrace this time with my kids – likely the longest time we will ever be together again. We are enjoying the chance to talk, play games, watch tv, and sit on the porch. In general, just enjoying each other’s company.

Sounds silly and idealistic, I know. Pretty sure I’m getting soft in my old age. But I’m loving having them home, listening to their laughs, and enjoying meals together. It’s a sound of a happiness that is making this social distancing time much more meaningful.

The other thing that I’ve learned? I am spending time, quality time, productive time, working on my work. There’s so much I’ve put procrastinated on due to ‘life’. Now, I have no excuse. I’m hunkered inside the house, with little opportunity to go outside. For me this is an ideal time to get caught up.

I’m not saying that these are not troubling and trying times. They are. We cannot bury our heads in the sand and pretend the outside world is not happening, that the seriousness of this pandemic will not change the world forever. I am saying though, our perspective has a lot to do with it. I’m choosing positivity right now. That may change in the next hour, but in this hour, I’m choosing to be positive.

No one knows exactly how long we will be in this situation. But we want everyone to stay safe. And find your zen. Mine is enjoying my kids being home and catching up on work.

I encourage you to find yours. You’ll be happier and more content. And make this isolating time more bearable.

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