#98 – And Now it’s Time for Final Exams

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29 November 2022

The end of the grading period is upon us. It’s only one more but important round of tests, but your child is burnt out and unmotivated. They just can’t muster up the energy to keep going. What you need is to help them with that last push to get to the finish line. Like the last 0.2 miles of a marathon which seems like the first 26 miles for most. (I’m a long-distance runner.)

In this edu-sode, we discuss strategies that you can implement to help your child finish their semester confident and strong.

Here are just a few that we share but you’ll want to listen for more!

  • Listen to episode #95 to learn some overall strategies for good study habits

  • Talk to your child’s teacher

  • Provide a conducive environment that works best for your child

Want more information regarding parent engagement? Check out edu-Me’s website for Punam’s TEDx Talk, The Key to Enhancing Student Success, and her book, Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond.

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