Ready to Tackle the Holidays?

December 1, 2020

Hi, everyone. Welcome back to edu-Me. The podcast that is focusing on bridging the gap and fostering a stronger relationship between parents and schools. I hope you guys are doing well. You know, we’re already on December 1st, which is crazy to think about because how have we gotten here when we’d been cooped up in the house, trying to navigate this pandemic since March and all of a sudden, or maybe not all of a sudden it’s December before we get into the substance of our episode today, which is really talking about how to handle the month of December. I want to just do a couple of shout outs about some things that edu-Me is doing. One is that we are launching an edu-Cademy starting January, 2021. On January 28th, we will be having our first module focused on time management. We’re going to do a deep dive into time management.

We’re going to dissect the different parts of our lives that require our time or the bulk of our time, I should say, and then figure out exactly how we can make our lives more efficient and less stressful because we all need less stress in our lives. And if we can create a sustainable schedule with time management, then we probably can help a little bit in those stressful situations. So if you’re interested in joining me for the very first webinar , shoot me an email and or you can go to our website and you can just click on the link and we can get you all set up. You’re not going to want to miss this. I promise.

And two more things before we get going here, I want to share that we’ve got some edu-Me merch that we’re offering for the holidays. One is our edu-Me journal. It is gray leather embossed with our logo. It’s the perfect gift for teachers, for your friends or just that special someone who needs and loves to write. And then we also have a parent tip deck, which is a set of playing cards that has different parent tips for yourself, for your children and how to connect in your schools. All in one set of playing cards is the perfect stocking stuffer for that special someone on your list. So check both of these items out on our social media, or you can again, email me and the EDU me or shoot me a message or a DM. And we’ll be glad to throw either or both in the mail to you just in time for the holidays.

Okay. Are we ready? How stressed are you feeling right now during the holidays? Raise your hand. I know I can’t see you, but I’m stressed is the first December. There’s so much to get done in the next 24 days, 23 days. And how are we going to do this? We are limited in our shopping abilities because of the pandemic. So many of us are doing shopping online, which is what I’ve been doing for the past three days. And in fact, I’m so excited. I got my first package of a Christmas gift that I ordered today. One big relief that has come in, but this year does add a lot of stress because we’re in a totally different mindset and in a different time where we’re having to be more careful about our exposure, especially with the numbers of COVID going up. So what does your holiday shopping look like?

Like I said, mine is all online. I probably will maybe, maybe make one trip to the store and that’s, if I can get my act together and only make one trip, but the rest of it is sitting in my office chair, probably in my PJ’s checking everything out on the computer screen. Now, for those of you who have older parents, like I do, I offered, I did. I offered to buy my parents the Christmas gifts. They wanted to buy online, to save them from going to the store because they should not go to the store right now. So yesterday I was talking to my mom and she said, yeah, no, just send me the links. Your dad will take care of it. We need to have some ownership in these gifts. So I’m like, okay, fine. So I spent a couple of hours, maybe two hours browsing everything, you know, copying and pasting links, shooting emails off to them.

And this morning I get a phone call. Can you just order it all for me? We’ll give you the credit card. I’m like, sure. So now I’m doing Christmas shopping for myself in terms of what we’re getting our family and my parents for what they’re getting our family. So it was kind of funny that, um, that I’m doing all the shopping because I haven’t done this much shopping since probably last, probably last Christmas at this point. So it’s interesting. It’s an interesting time. I am one of those very nervous Nellies that? I want to make sure that, I mean that I have all of the gifts well, before I need them so that I’m not worried come December 23rd, that the UPS drivers running late or can’t get our deliveries to us. So I’m trying to get on top of that right now, again, such a crazy time we’re living in, right.

Well, the other part of the holidays, especially this year is to ensure that my kids have a very special holiday season. You know, normally we can go out, we can go do, uh, we can do some social things. We can meet up with friends. We can go do community activities, but we can’t do any of that this year. So it’s an extra added stress or that we are having to create a special holiday season within our own families. So what are you doing to make your special? Well, let me tell you what I’m doing because I love Christmas. I love new year’s, but I am used to going out and doing social things with our friends that I can’t do now. So how am I doing it? Well, I had to make some adjustments this year. I’ve had to let go of the fact that it’s not going to be perfect. Well, it’s not going to be perfect the way I would want it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect.

It can be perfect without being perfect, right. Maybe okay. This year. And we usually do this anyway, but this year we were more relaxed. My husband and I were completely hands-off and we let our children get in the car, all four of them and drive to the Christmas tree farm and pick out the tree. We gave them a budget. We gave them the cash and off they went. Now what came back was very different. They wanted to get a tree that was larger than what was in their price range. And so they had to take it out of their own pockets. The four of them divvied the difference up to by this spectacular, spectacular Christmas tree. It is by far the best Christmas tree we have ever had. And we had named her Meg, all of our Christmas trees get named. So this year we have Meg.


Meg is a beauty. She is perfectly conical, cylindrical. No, she is. She is the perfect shaped Christmas tree and the kids have decorated it beautifully. So I guess maybe I really didn’t need to be that involved in our Christmas tree, shopping and decorating as I was when they were younger. So that’s a huge relief, but then made it very special for them that they got to go do that. They got to bond. They had a great time. They laughed, they told stories. And when they got home and put it up, they were so proud. And then when they started decorating it, you could see the excitement as they were pulling the ornaments out and reminiscing about, Oh, you remember when you made this in third grade or look at this one, this reminds me of so-and-so who gave us this ornament. So there were so many positives to me, not intruding on their Christmas tree, decorating experience, purchasing and decorating.

I guess the other thing that I’ve been trying to do more often is when we have holidays, I try and let them each pick out a dish that they want to eat. Because I think if there’s something on the table that they like, then they’re going to be happy. If there’s nothing that’s on the table for them, then how exciting are you going to be? How excited are you going to be to sit at the table and basically just eat mashed potatoes or bread? Not that I’m minding mashed potatoes or bread, but I want to make sure they have something special, something they requested at the table. It just makes it more meaningful. I believe. And when my children were younger, I even asked them to help me set the table. And of course they do it now by themselves. I don’t need to tell them because they’re all adults, but when they were younger, I wanted them to help me. And so I let them set the table. I even, I know you guys are going to cringe out there, but I even let them set my fine China up with my fine crystal as well, because guess what? It gives them ownership.

And it makes them super proud that you trust them. Now, I’m not saying to do this when they’re two, three, four, five or even six, you kind of have to make a judgment call here, but it makes them proud that they are able to participate in setting the table. We even used to have them, or I used to have them make place cards. However, they wanted to decorate place cards to put in each place setting. So everyone knew where to sit. It was a little bit of creativity and fun, and it made it a little more homey and cozy by letting them do that. It wasn’t as formal or step. So those were some ideas that I have for you as we are planning and planning for the mayhem of the holidays. But what else can we do? You know, the days are long when the kids are home, when they’re not in school and they’re not busy with their classes.

So what about when the weather is nice? You can have a picnic, you can pack up your favorite sandwiches and chips, or you can make it even fancier with salads and soups, but whatever. And you want to pack, just take it to your local park. Especially during pandemic time. When we really can’t be with each other, be with each other, we can at least be outside and see other people. So that’s an idea that I have for you, especially before the weather starts to cool off and we can’t be outside at all, but let’s say that you live in the frozen Tundra and it is snowing like crazy. You can still do a picnic. You can do it in your living room, on the floor. You can create a tent and do it. There. There’s so many ways to be creative. And that’s what we have to do during this time. Right now we have to be creative and we have to let our children be creative as well, so that they can have fun. And they can be a part of the memory making because after all, that’s what we’re doing during the holidays is we’re making memories and this year, because it is so stressful, we have to be extra cognizant of making it memorable and fun.

But between all of the craziness and madness is going to happen in December, you have to remember, you got to take care of yourself too. And I feel like I say this so frequently, but it’s just so important. It is so important that you do so children need to see that you’re prioritizing yourself. It makes a huge difference. Not only in helping you stay calm and focused is going to make you more productive as well. And when children see that, they realize that it’s okay for them to go to their rooms for a few minutes, maybe read a book, maybe play a game or whatever, to have a little bit of time for themselves. So they too can enjoy the holidays without the anxiety and the stress that they’re not only feeling from you, if you are stressed, but themselves as well.

And remember, just hang in there. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I know you want it to be, I’m a perfectionist, but it’s, it’s so vitally crucial that this year of all years, that we let go and I’m reminded of frozen song, let it go, let it go. But we do. We have to let it go this year. It is imperative for our own health and for everyone around us to. So as we head into this season, I want to make sure that you take care of yourself. You are creative and the activities that you and your family are doing. Make sure that you’re taking the time to create a meal that everyone is going to enjoy.

And plan ahead because online shopping is about to become a beast in terms of getting our deliveries on time. So make sure you’re planning ahead of time. And speaking of gifts, I want to remind you that we have a couple of edu-Me merch that is for sale for your friends and family who are parents. We have a parent tip debt card, which has a set of playing cards that has tips for parents to help with self-care, help your children and to get involved in your children’s schools. It’s a perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list. And we also have a gray leather-bound edu-Me journal with the, with our logo embossed on it, which is a perfect gift for those note takers for those journalists, or just as creators who love to write. So check out our social media posts for those, or you can email me at or you can send me a message via Facebook or Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

And also just as a reminder, we have our very first edu-Cademy module coming up on January 28, 2021, which will focus on time management. We will be doing a deep dive into time management. We will be dividing our schedules out and seeing how our time is being divided in our lives. And then we’re going to bring it all back together and make your schedule more efficient and productive for you included in the two hour webinar is a 30 minute coaching session with me so that I can answer any questions that you may have that pertains specifically to your schedule. So I know you’re going to want to check that out. You can head over to the website at for all the details on that. Thank you guys for joining me today. I’m so excited. That is December because that means 2021 is around the corner. And I just hope for everyone’s sake that we are in a healthier, more positive, more normal year in 2021 until next week, when we talk about financial planning, which we all need to be better at you guys take it easy, relax, and enjoy having your family at home until next week. Remember that we are working together to educate our children better, take care, everyone bye-bye.