Parent Power: Navigate School and Beyond


As parents hold their newborn for the first time, we hope for an amazing future filled with dreams and successes. But, where do we begin? How do we guide our children toward that hopeful future? As children grow, parents face many challenges in raising good citizens. It is especially overwhelming when they begin school and we have to trust that guidance to others.

Parent Power offers insights, ideas, and methods to navigate this exhilarating, exhausting task-raising productive, compassionate, thoughtful young people. It tackles relevant topics that parents face, including how to approach:

– Social media

– Sports

– Discrimination

– And many more parent-child topics

This book provides practical strategies to help you and your child through these critical stages of life while keeping your sanity.

Punam, a mother of four, and Lead Parent in her household, has created a blueprint that allows her to curate relationships with teachers and administrators while creating coping skills for her children . . . and still sneak in time for self-care.

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