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Does supporting teachers sound intimidating?

Establishing relationships with teachers and administrator is critical to creating a cohesive team focused on student success.

Parents face so many challenges in raising good children, and it only gets harder when those children begin school and we have to entrust that guidance to others.

“I help parents overcome their fear of teachers and schools by providing strategies for becoming partners in their child’s academic career so they can reach their full potential with confidence and support.”
Punam Saxena
About Me
  • Punam’s insight into the trials and joys of parenting are uplifting and spot on. Her personal wealth of knowledge from her own experiences have taught me how patience, kindness and understanding go very far in the world of parenting. She is an amazing teacher in life and An even better soul of a human.
    Kristin N., Atlanta, GA
  • This session exceeded all of my expectations. The content was intentional, thought-provoking and insightful. As someone who has just started a career in parent engagement I appreciated learning more about the “why” surrounding my job. Ms. Saxena also took time out of her busy schedule to connect with me and we’re now working to center a professional development day around her presentation at my office.
    Zachary P., Austin, TX
  • I appreciated Punam as a guest speaker in our recent ESL training cohort. Her personal experience as a child of immigrants in rural Georgia was powerful and highlighted how to best engage with families.
  • Punam Saxena is an exceptional parent impact coach and speaker. I had the privilege of hearing Punam Saxena speak at SXSW EDU and participating in a roundtable discussion facilitated by her, and I must say that she left an indelible impression on me. She is approachable, clear, and relatable, making it easy to connect with her. Her ability to distill complex ideas into actionable steps is remarkable. With her depth of personal and professional experience, she brings authenticity to her speaking and work. I highly recommend Punam for anyone seeking guidance in their parenting or educational journey.
    Dana F., NH
  • Parent Power is an excellent resource for parents and schools alike. Punam draws from her personal experiences to provide timely and practical guidance for families to actively engage with schools and for schools to create environments where families feel welcomed and heard. I recommend this book to campus administrators, educators, and families of students, particularly at the middle school level.
    DeShanna R., Houston, TX
  • Punam is well-versed in all things educational! As a parent of 4, she is an experienced parent with a wealth of knowledge to share and knows many in the educational field to help guide parents to be better informed and active in their children’s education!
    Wendy F., Lakeland, Florida
  • I’m so thankful for the pleasure of this podcast and will utilize the advice I learned with this child as well as my other daughter in ninth grade. It’s all so relevant and I look forward to tuning in for future episodes!
    Pam H., Buffalo, NY
  • [Punam's] profound perspective, and dutiful ‘calls to action’, are timely reminders of the empowerment to be harnessed within collaborative action.
    Roger S., Atlanta, Georgia

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